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Ms. Rutledge United States

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About me

I love doing things and staying busy! My husband and I have one dog. We like to hike, ride mountain bikes, travel, snow ski, and water ski. My husband is a great builder and designer. He has remodeled our entire house. I like to garden, so while my husband keeps the house nice, I keep the garden nice.


I like all types of music. I'm definitely a child of the 90s though when Bush, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam and many others became popular.

Movies and TV:

I love LOST.


Running, hiking, skiing, swimming. I use to do gymnastics, but that is not a life time sport. It's definitely too hard on my body now.


ceramics and photography


I've been to Germany, Tanzania, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Costa Rica. I am going to Peru this summer!! In the United States, I have also been to HI, NY, FL, MO, KS, TX, CA, CO, WY, MT, MS, LA, VA, TN, SC, NC, OH, AR, and AZ


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